Porcelain Diaries

Hello everyone!

I am proud to announce that my friend Kanonique and myself are launching our lifestyle lolita forum!
It’s called Porcelain Diaries and you can find it here : http://porcelaindiaries.com

Here is the concept of the forum to give you an idea of our direction and philosophy :

Porcelain Diaries is a forum intended for ladies and gentlemen who embrace the Fashion and Lifestyle inspired by the Victorian and Rococo era. Our goal is to share and discuss our views about lolita clothing and values in a respectful manner. We are a lifestyle oriented forum and welcome members who agree with this philosophy.  Porcelain Diaries was created in order to reunite the Lolitas and Oujis/Dandys/Kodonas that have an interest for everything that is lolita, and to give them a place where they can exchange about their common passion.”

We are opening it today and welcome everyone who likes lolita and lifestyle lolita to join! Please, if you don’t agree with the lolita lifestyle, don’t join just to criticize it. We obviously are open to different views on the lifestyle but it mostly is centered around that concept. If you strongly disagree, this is not a forum for you.

We hope to see meet a lot of you on there! Make sure to read carefully the rules before joining and have fun!

If you have any questions, just ask here. We will gladly answer to your inquiries :)

Have a great day! 

Veronique La Marquise
Porcelain Diaries Administrator

A little presentation

I'm a new to Livejournal,  but I joined in hope to buy (and maybe eventually sell) Lolita clothing and accessories in the EGL sales community.
I am a 19 years old french canadian who lives in Montreal and I love alternative fashion, especially the japanese one.
I'm really into lolita may it be sweet, goth, classic or even EGA and into other styles like cyber and decora aswell ^.^

If you are curious, my feedback can be found on ebay here :

It is only buyer feedback for the moment, but it's all positive ^.^